Getball starts by displaying the current score and the best score for this session. Clicking or tapping anywhere on the screen leads to the game screen.This shows a number of blue faces moving randomly around the screen and happily colliding with each other. This is the opposing team.

Also shown on the screen at a random position is a red ball as well as a brown player. You have to drag the player between the opposing players to touch and get the ball without being touched by any of the opposing players. If you do this successfully the score increases by 1 and another ball appears on the screen at a different position. The game contines at a slightly faster pace with the objective to get the ball. So it becomes increasingly faster and more difficult to get the ball without being caught.The game ends when the player is finally caught and the score displayed on the original screen.

You can repeat the game as often as you want and each time the score is recorded along with the best score for the session.

The skills required to get a high score are concentration, to watch the player movements, and anticipation, to avoid collisions, and fast reflexes, especially when the game speeds up.